Nature Heals & How!


There is no denying that we all tend to feel “spent” or “used up” at the end of a rather heavy day.  Add to that, a night spent tossing and turning and you have the perfect recipe for another crappy day!

On one such not-so-cheerful morning, as I drove myself to work, I had a sudden urge to speak with my mom. There was this tug at my heart; I knew I needed to hear her voice. After an exchange of few initial pleasantries and general inquiries on health, she told me something that I need to share here.

After freshening up this morning, ready for the day, as she stood in the balcony sipping her morning tea, the most heavenly aromatic fragrance wafted in with the soft morning summer breeze. It had to be originating from some flower, for she could think of no other explanation. Eager to know more, she hurriedly went to the garden area within the building compound and was astonished to find a ‘bakul’ tree , a.k.a medlar or ‘mimusops elengi’. And underneath this amazingly tall tree, over 50 feet high, lay hundreds of yellowish, white fragrant bakuli flowers !! There it was the source of her joy! Super excited at the find, she began collecting this beautiful treasure in her cupped palms. Unable to contain the overflowing happiness within, she walked up to the building security guard and handed him a few. Surprised at this unusual gift, even as his tired eyes lit up, a weather beaten face breaking into a smile, he thanked her profusely. He found it strange that he had never noticed this tree nor the fragrance before, though it stood just right behind where he sat all day.

A group of women, having returned from their morning walk, noticed her. Sharing the beautiful flowers with them, she led them to the tree. Together they collected many more and returned home, many a heart overflowing with profound joy!

We have this thing, my mom and me. When a thing overwhelms either of us, we share it with each other. She said she was in a state of rapture and that could speak no more. We fell silent, both of us, for a moment. No words were necessary. I could feel her exhilaration despite the distance.

A beautiful way to know that the simple things in life can make one so happy; and that sharing only quadruples it.

God bless her… cup runneth over!

P.s. The flowers of Bakul have a very sweet, refreshing aroma. The Bakul tree is mentioned frequently in the Mahabharata- Lord Krishna used to play his flute under a Bakul tree and attract gopis. The ancient Indian sages regarded these trees as gifts from God.

Enjoying nature in small ways replenishes our precious natural resources like creativity and memory, while appreciating those of Mother Earth’s, don’t you think?

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