Rain in Mumbai loves playing truant, especially so, during June.

Well, for one, it walks in fashionably late, like a celebrity at a party, amidst much fanfare, causing a thirsty humanity to stop, turn around and look! Some hugging, air kissing, seductive dancing later, it has enchanted earthlings eating off its hands! Just as the party begins to heat up, it does a ‘Cinderella’, leaving us, yet again, at the mercy of the blazing sun.
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The Happiness Project!


Sunday mornings!

Does that conjure up an image of you lazing in bed, an extended tea session with three newspapers, a delectable brunch and family time? Cool! However, for someone like me with kid number one flown away from the nest and the other buying time until her recently sprouted  tiny wings grow stronger to fly her places, weekends are sheer pleasure…. meant to hit the road! Continue reading “The Happiness Project!”

Godhadees….that bundle of love !


Childhood memories…dreams that stay with you long after you wake up; so alluring, it is easy to stay lost.

Ten… happy, carefree, secure, loved. A pot pourri of hopscotch, “dabba icespice”, khamb khamb, card games, playing house, summer holidays with old country cousins, mangoes, sibling squabbles, love, laughter! Continue reading “Godhadees….that bundle of love !”