Your time under the sun….


Every morning, as the sun rises, casting a net of resplendent hues over clear blue skies, I feel something. It brings the warm earthy tones back to the earth.  The golden light seems to be gently nudging the land out of night’s slumber, and the birds seem too eager to break  into a chorus of melodies. Continue reading “Your time under the sun….”


A fistful of rice


The Bagrakote tea plantation overlooking Dominique’s ramshackle hut in North Bengal, was now a jungle, with unpruned tea plants that had grown up to 10 feet.

The hut, with its thin mud, parched clay walls, seemed to crouch behind the pale fading shadows of the robust tea gardens that had spanned these hilly regions until a decade ago. Continue reading “A fistful of rice”



I get off the metro station in West Delhi, near Shadipur Depot, wade through the snarling evening traffic and dive into one of the tiny unpaved, dirty, slippery, narrow roads.  A walk further down the lazily meandering alleys, amidst sparse, rudimentary concrete houses lined on both sides, and I find myself rudely slapped with overpowering smells of open sewage, wood smoke. Continue reading “‘Jugaad’”

First rays


The first rays of dawn tiptoed onto the thick forest tracts of Sabarimala, bathing the magnificent flora and fauna in a warm golden glow.  The soft wind cradled the leaves in its expansive arms and whispered softly into their ears. The leaves groaned and rustled, seemingly miffed at being woken up.

A Malabar parakeet greeted the dawn
from somewhere at a distance. Continue reading “First rays”