The Bug

Have you heard of the mealy bug? It’s a tiny slow-moving insect, covered with a pale ‘mealy’ powder like coating, that sucks sap from plants and spreads disease. Continue reading “The Bug”



african child.jpg

The hallway of any edifice has as much personality as the rest of the structure. In fact, it is a vestibule to the character of the institution. In the hallway of Kala-azar Treatment Center at Gondar University hospital, East Africa, patients lay on the floor for lack of additional beds, an evidence of serious under funding. Some were strapped in on gurneys, listless, eyes vacant, staring blankly at the ceiling or at the lone moth fluttering about the fluorescent tube light, now a for-bearer of impending death. Continue reading “Vector”

The Biggest Days


 Unlike the ‘happiest’ days, which are vociferous, the ‘biggest’ days of our life walk in barefooted, silent; the day  we get our heart broken, the day realization dawns, the day when we finally muster courage to face our fears, the day when truth slaps us rudely in the face, the day we commit to something, or….

… the day when we grasp that there isn’t enough time to do all the things we had always wanted to. Continue reading “The Biggest Days”