You are the Sun!


A weekend drive down country roads at the break of dawn is my idea of beginning a glorious day. Dire Straits “Walk of life” blaring on my stereo, windows down, wind in my hair, song on my lips….feeling completely and totally in love with life…sigh!

Far across the horizon, a spray of orange-golden hues blend with the gentle blueness of the sky, laying down a magnificent carpet, awaiting the arrival of the brilliant sun from behind the skyline. Continue reading “You are the Sun!”


Danzon at Sunset


Gathering its magnificent rays in a bunch, the fiery golden sun overlooking Zocalo public plaza in central Mexico, disappeared behind the horizon, parting like a defeated king giving up his throne. The darkness of the night crept in slowly, but surely, proclaiming its dominance over a vestige of crimson hues. Continue reading “Danzon at Sunset”

Ray of Good Hope


Of course, you’ve met Ray before.

Ray… affable and warm hearted, with his bright yellow hat and a soft golden skin. He is mighty determined; sneaks in through the back door, when the front door is jammed and refuses to budge. Without a word, he engulfs you in a warm embrace. Ray’s strong arms seem insulating when wrapped around your exhausted body.  In that embrace, you feel cocooned better than any butterfly-to-be. You slowly let your body sag, your muscles loose. You succumb to the heady feeling, enveloped in what feels like a blend of respect and compassion. You can feel worry loosen its firm grip and optimism cascade in through the cracks, drenching you in the first showers of faith, confidence and promise. The world around melts away as you sink into the soft tenderness, not wanting the moment to end. Continue reading “Ray of Good Hope”