She wasn’t a regular.

But he had a cancellation and well, she did have that puppy eyes look….

She plonked her petite frame in the large chair. Releasing her hair from the forbidding embrace of the clip, she let it fall on her back. Her black hair lay long and loose, obscuring the open back of her dress, yet allowing glimpses of honeyed skin beneath.

She appeared dazed. Fluffing up her hair, a faraway look in her eyes, she said ‘make it short.’

He wanted to dissuade her; who chops off such lovely raven locks?? They appeared like molten black onyx against the creamy skin of her back.

He looked at her quizzically. The girl hadn’t said anything but he could sense that there was something more going on here than just a haircut.

She had said, make it short; but he guessed what she actually was saying was “make me better.”

He knew this type of haircut too well, the kind that didn’t want to hold on to the image of a Clive or a John or a Ram  gently stroking her long long hair; so gently that he might as well be whispering ‘I love you,

That meant validation….

and that she didn’t need anymore.


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