You needn’t always
be raring to go
Some days you may just want to
stare out of the window

You needn’t always
turn out right
You can have mornings too
that may not be so bright

You needn’t always
be the sun
Be there every day
for everyone

You needn’t always
want to think
Some days it could be
an effort just to blink

It needn’t always
be about them
Sometimes it can be
about you before them




It wasn’t his birth flower.

He was perplexed, the first time one had appeared, a lone speck of white with a yellow centre, like an unwanted weed in a garden. It seemed to have blended into his skin, like it was one of his own. A few days later, he had noticed another one and by the end of the month, the weeds had spread like buttons across the back of his hand. Continue reading

An Evening on the Patio



“That’s nice.”

He turns the note pad towards him to look at it closely.

They are sitting on the patio of his house, each nursing a drink. He swirls the whiskey in his glass, listening to the clinking of the ice cubes, breathing in a fragrance that only years in an oak barrel could achieve.

“You think so.?” Continue reading “An Evening on the Patio”