A Quarantine Morning Chat

Hello,.. what are you doing ?


Nice word. Let’s chat.

About what?

About yourself…tell me sonething I don’t know about you.

Hmm..there’s nothing really… nothing special.

Come on .. something? Everyone likes to talk about themselves.

I prefer writing instead.

What are you writing now?

About a woman who drowned in her writing and never surfaced.

Drowned ?Why ??

Because she could play different characters, do what they did, feel what they felt..

Like an alternate or elective reality…?

Elective; and yet neccesary.

Why the dichotomy….?

Because the characters mirrored her feelings in a way. In the end, underneath all the facade, we all have the same range of human emotions and experiences don’t we ?

But why did she need a character to express her emotions ?

Because this way, she didn’t have to claim them. Call them her own. Label it with her name This way, no one would know. Not even her.

But why not own them…. to herself at least?

She had tried that once. Something strange happened.


They lay on her in a heap.. like clothes that tumble out of an overcrowded, unkempt cupboard. Buried her …

Hmm interesting

This way was better. It was like ..like…

Like clearing someone else’s cupboards ?

Ha ha…thank you yes.

Listen, care to send her over ? My closet is bursting …just haven’t had the time.

Ha ha…sure. I will consider it. Only if…..

Only if ?

Only if you tell me something about yourself that I don’t know……

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